About Two Tickets

If you had two tickets where would you go? Who would you take? What would you do? 

A week on the Amalfi coast? Hanging out in a groovy downtown blues bar in Austin, Texas? A taxi to the movies? No matter the destination, Amanda Schwartz’s seasonal collections of superbly constructed handbags, scarves, belts, and jewelry takes the 'two tickets' premise and offers up a range of chic and stylish items you’d accessorize your trip with.

Crackly metallics meet screen printed geometrics. Luxurious leather and the smoothest silks schmooze with studs, fringing, and antiquated brass. Zippers and chains accentuate eye-popping paisley and astrological symbolism. Banana yellow explodes in a riot of color next to hues of chocolate, caramel, fuchsia, terracotta, turquoise and copper.

Quirky, idiosyncratic, unconventional and capricious, Two Tickets puts the frivolity and fun back into fashion. Vintage handbags are disassembled to understand their design then reconstructed with modern aesthetic and flair.  Fabrics undergo sassy color, pattern and texture applications. Necklaces and earrings meld tribal elements with 50’s kitsch and Victorian inspired Gothicism. Two Tickets takes a peek into a curated collection at the museum, the only difference being it’s all ready to buy and wear!

Having studied painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design before moving into employment at an in-house fashion company, Amanda took her first leap into production in her former Brooklyn, NYC studio when friends and connections started bestowing upon her beads, fabrics, buttons and findings. After careful design and trialing, she learned that leather was as good a material as canvas and jewelry construction as satisfying as a paintbrush to paper. Fashion became the platform for her vivid imagination and her daily inspiration stream of Sci-Fi, weather, music and fiction.

What’s more, Two Ticket’s realized Amanda’s dream of uniting form and function, past and present, and beauty and durability in an independent fashion brand, free from logos but big on identity.

Each piece is wearable art with a lesson in history thrown into the mix!

Polished and playful, Two Tickets is for every woman with a keen eye for style and a sense of adventure.

What’s your destination?